Program Details & Pricing

Our Certification Program Outline

Step 1 - The Demo

If you are a school looking for class certification, we will come in as a guest artist and schedule a demonstration time for an overview of what we have to offer. During the demo the students will get a background of our company and the type of hair extension techniques we certify in. They will also learn about the 100% REMY hair that is used in applying hair extensions, as well as the techniques we teach in order to be expert hair extension artists! Next, we will help them realize the incredible income potential as we teach marketing tips and strategies. Last but not least, we roll up our sleeves have some hands on fun!! 

Step 2 - The Certification Training Class 

We like to schedule the certification class at least 2 weeks (3-4 weeks is best!) after the demonstration, so that the students have time to prepare financially. We will schedule the certification class time when it is convenient for each school. If you are taking individual classes provided by Beauty Pros International, we will tell you when the next class is in your area!

***Only those students who have paid in full will be able to attend the certification class.

***Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, but will be credited towards a later class. 

** What is needed for the Class **

Each individual/student will need a mannequin and a mannequin stand, which could be purchased at any beauty supply store (such as "Sally's"), or can be ordered through us. A brush, comb, and butterfly clips should also be brought to the class.
***Each individual/student will receive their kit at the certification class.  

Cost of Certification Class 

The cost of the class ranges from $275 to $475,depending on which LEVEL and CLASS you choose! Beauty Pros International is proud to offer both the education and certification at the LOWEST price in the industry!

*** This pricing is for Beauty Pros International INDIVIDUALS/STUDENTS only! The cost of the class will DOUBLE in price once working in the field!

***Schools that I partner with and attend more frequently may receive a different price range.

Entry Level 1 - Beaded Technique 

Hands on installation

I-Tip Hair

Bead and Bond Pliers

Loop Beading Tool

I-link Beads

Step by step instructions of application and removal of extensions


Marketing for Beaded Extension cliental

Class and Certificate..............................................$275

Mid Level 2 - Beaded, Beaded Weft & Tape-In Extensions 

*Entry Level 1 plus...

Hands on installation

Beaded Weft instruction

Tape-In extensions

How to make your own Tape-In extensions

Step by step instructions of application and removal of extensions


Marketing for Weft and Tape-In cliental

Class and Certificate................................................$375

*** Retail Value of this class is $ 750

Advanced Level 3 - Beaded, Beaded Weft, Shrinkable Tube, Tape-In, and Hot Keratin Bond Fusion 


*Entry Level 1 & Mid Level 2 plus...

Hands on installation

U-Tip hair for Keratin Bonding

Hot Fusion Iron

I-Tip hair

Shrinkable tubes

Step by step instructions of application and removal of extensions



Cutting Class

Class and Certificate................................................$475

*** Retail Value of this class is $ 1,000 

* You can Pre-Pay or give a minimum $50 deposit on the day of the Demo to receive a free gift ! All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.*

We accept all credit cards but please call ahead to pre register with your card number! 

Personal checks or money orders can be made out to Beauty Pros International.  

“Walk-on” students are allowed to bring cash the day of the class, but we ask that you register prior to the class with a phone call. 

We are currently scheduling demonstrations and certification classes in many cosmetology schools and off-site locations across the country! You can contact us anytime to schedule your demonstration or certification class! Our relationship with you is of utmost importance to us.

To pre register or make a deposit for an upcoming class please call or email: 

Janet Lizotte

Owner & Director of Education

(774)334-0764 or

(508) 561-2826

[email protected]